What is the Florida Law regarding insurance auto glass claims?

If you’re into legal jargon, you’ll understand this just fine, but if not I’ll break it down anyway.

Florida Statute 627.7288 labeled “Comprehensive coverage; deductible not to apply to motor vehicle glass” under the title “Insurance Rates and Contracts,” states that the deductible provision “shall not be applicable to damage to the windshield of any motor vehicle.”

This may be a bit hard to understand, but to put it simply: Customers who have Comprehensive Coverage in the state of Florida are not liable to pay any deductible amount in order to pay for services to repair damages to their vehicle’s windshield.

We’ve made it really easy to find out if you have the right coverage right here.

The majority of insurance policyholders have a deductible in their Comprehensive Coverage that they must meet before their policy pays for benefits. If their deductible is $500 or $1,000, this is the amount they would have to pay first, before their insurance company would pay for vehicle damages.

Making car payments?

If so, you do carry comp coverage and are able schedule a windshield replacement at no cost to you.

However, with the Florida Statute above in effect, policyholders do not have to pay for their deductible in order to fix their auto’s windshield. It’s free to the customer!

Please note that this “Deductible Waiver,” as it is called, does not apply to any other glass on your vehicle, such as door glass and back glass.

Are windshield replacements free?

The explanation below states in a very easy manner what Florida auto insurance covers in regards to auto glass repairs and replacements:

Need Windshield + Have Comprehensive Coverage = Free Windshield!

Need Side or Back Glass + Have Comprehensive Coverage = Only Pay Deductible

Need Any Type of Auto Glass + No Comprehensive Coverage = Pay Entire Bill


How do I file an insurance auto glass claim in Florida?



Schedule Online right now!

We will file your insurance claim for you and handle all of the paperwork. There is no payment needed from you! If needed, we will get you on the phone for a short call with your insurance company to file claim and confirm coverage.


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A lot of our customers like to take care of these matters personally over the phone. We have a Dedicated Insurance Department team of experts who will handle your call and get your service scheduled promptly. Our customer service staff is also happy to answer any questions you may have pertaining to auto glass services you need for your car.


Call your insurance company directly

This is the least popular option because of the extra time it takes. We have compiled a set step-by-step instructions on how to file your glass claim directly with your auto insurance company here. You will have access to their direct glass claim lines and avoid part of their prompts by getting connected directly with glass claims, rather than your insurance company’s main phone line. We’re all about saving you time!

Do I have the right insurance and how does it work?

One of the most commonly asked questions about insurance auto glass claim services in Florida is whether auto glass repairs or replacements are fully covered by your auto insurance coverage.

You may have heard someone mention before that Florida law allows for insurance auto glass claim services to be performed for free.

Here’s the deal in one sentence:

If you have Comprehensive Coverage, your windshield repair or replacement is free.

Auto Glass City would come to your home or workplace, get the work done, and never charge you a penny. All you have to do is book here.

All of the insurance paperwork would be handled so you don’t have to waste your time handling claims on your own.

Insurance Auto Glass Claims for Windshield Only Damage:

If the only damaged part to your vehicle is your windshield, the Florida Statute described above ensures that, regardless of your Comprehensive Deductible, you do not have to pay any out-of-pocket amounts to get your windshield repaired or replaced.

Any cost associated with performing repairs to your windshield will be fully absorbed by your insurance company.