Facebook Post: “ISO an auto glass company to replace my front windshield”

I’m part of a private Facebook Group at our church for businesses and recently someone posted this request. In case you are new to the acronym, ISO means “In Search Of.”

I found the different responses very interesting and wanted to share with our customers and webpage visitors. One of the cool things about the responses is that it comes from auto insurance agents and highlights how auto insurance companies in Florida pay for windshield replacements.

Here’s a screenshot (script below):

Facebook Post of Person In Search of Auto Glass Company for Windshield Replacement
Auto Insurance Answer About Windshield Replacements

Here’s the entire conversation:

Amy: ISO an auto glass company to replace my front windshield thanks to the lovely Route 75 Construction 🙂

Wendy: Your insurance will replace it!

Amy: I’m always concerned about them raising the rates if I try to go through them. Of course I guess it defeats the purpose of having a policy

Wendy: Amy it didn’t affect ours at all and we also use them to tow.

Amy: Nice! Thank you for letting me know I will give them a call tomorrow 🙂

Jen: They do hold it against you. Unfortunately, I know from the same experience. Can’t wait til they’re done with that construction.

Ron: It is a no-fault claim and they cannot hold it against you or raise your rates directly related to any no-fault claims. If you have had an unreasonable amount of accidents in one year, maybe then an insurance company can use that against you by denying re-issue of your policy, which I have never heard happen with windshield claims – they are not high valued claims.

Dan: I’ve filed 2 claims related to windshield issues and never had a rate increase. FL Statute does not allow them to raise the rates as long as you have full coverage and the claim is only for windshield and not from an accident.

Sandy (Auto Insurance Agent #1): I am an insurance agent with over 13 years experience. If you have comp on the vehicle, the windshield is replaced 100%.

Your rates will not go up unless you have filed numerous claims in a period of time. (Unless you are receiving a claim-free discount. That can be taken off of your policy for a windshield claim.)

IF… you go to shop your insurance around, you do have to disclose the windshield claim, and a new company can and will factor in a surcharge.

Gaby (Auto Insurance Agent #2): It shouldn’t count against you unless it pay out over $1,000 on a comp claim.

Amy: Thank you all for the awesome education in insurance coverage! Good news is that I have comprehensive coverage and never filed any claims. So it sounds like a win!

Auto Insurance Agent Reply About Windshield Replacement in Florida

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Amy did in fact select Auto Glass City for her windshield replacement which is being taken care of today! Here’s her comment to me when I asked her about what she thought about the process of placing her order with us:

 Facebook Message About Booking Windshield Replacement with Auto Glass City.

Auto Glass City files your auto glass insurance claim directly with your insurance company, regardless of who your carrier is. In the state of Florida, when you have Comprehensive Coverage on your auto insurance policy, it is free to you to have your windshield repaired or replaced.

Beware if calling your insurance company directly. They will almost always try to steer you into using inferior auto glass shops with terrible reviews and bad customer service.

Aside from making it extremely easy to book your free windshield replacement, we also provide you with a Lifetime Warranty on our services for as long as you own your vehicle. We are also very selective about the auto glass technicians who we employ and make sure that only people with many years of experience work on your car.

Be Safe!

Update: (work completed and review)

I decided to check back on Amy today to see how everything turned out. It’s good to know that we we correct mistakes quickly and on the same day to make sure our customers are still happy! See picture below.

Auto Glass Work Done and Good Review on Facebook

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