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Ford Expedition – Sept 2012

On a daily basis we expose the neglecting work of other installers when removing windshields from vehicles. Poor auto glass installation jobs are performed for various reasons. A vast majority of auto glass companies – even ones who claim their installers go through their internal certification programs – do not perform inspections and follow-ups to ensure installations are properly performed and to assert that there are no negative consequences deriving from their installations (i.e. wind/road noise, improper windshield wipers operation, glares, stress-cracks, etc.).

Some installers skip steps because they are pressured by their companies to get as many jobs done as possible each day, regardless of the quality of the installation. They evaluate their installers in the speed in which they conduct their installs. Others just lack the experience, knowledge, and/or certifications in the industry, putting you and your family at serious danger due to an improper and safe windshield installation.

In the case of this Ford Explorer, the previous installer took various shortcuts that compromised the integrity of the windshield’s safety features, as well as the ability to keep moisture from entering the body structure of the vehicle.

When inspecting this job, the first thing we found was that the previous installer did not remove the old bonding materials (glue) prior to applying new bonding adhesives for the new installation.

In order to apply a primer to the frame of the vehicle before applying the new bonding adhesive, all glue must be properly removed. However, this installer had no intentions in applying a primer to this vehicle’s frame; this was made obvious by the amount of rust that built up from the damage that occurs when removing the old, and probably factory-installed, windshield.

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After removing all of the rust in the frame of this vehicle, we were able to apply two layers of primer. The first layer is a bare metal etching primer that restores the metal of the frame and provides the finishing it needs, since the bare/raw metal is unsuited for a proper installation. The second layer is a glass bonding Urethane Adhesive that allows for maximum adhesive force and enables the glue to cure properly.

The image below reflects the work we perform to every vehicle we touch prior to applying a new windshield. Auto Glass City, Inc. has “Zero Tolerance” to shortcuts commonly taken by other installers in the industry and can assure you all steps are properly taken to guarantee you with the safest installation by our ProTechs™. We treat your vehicle as if it was our own, and conduct follow-ups to ensure our installation was performed to your complete satisfaction.

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